Our pro bono work

Who are the beneficiaries?

Beneficiaries will be those non-profit entities established or in a build-up-phase belonging to the third social sector, aiming to develop general interest activities and lacking or not exercising their right to provide free legal assistance.

What does a pro bono matter consist of? Among others:

Supporting non-profit entities in terms of internal management:

Providing legal advice and support with regard to drafts and reviews of in-house documents.

Drafting guidelines and reports on legal issues or on the practical application of specific regulations.

Issuing a second opinion in relation to a legal matter.

Guidance in terms of managing procedures before any public or private institution.

Providing training in those areas which may be of your interest.

High impact projects:

Projects which enable to give a response to systemic problems within society, promoting a legislative or jurisprudential change, among others. To this end, the Fundación will proceed with, among others:

Conducting strategic litigation related to public interest causes.

Offering training for non-profit entities in matters that respond to problems of general interest.

Drafting guidelines and reports of comparative law on public interest topics.

Proposing pro bono issues related to a wide variety of areas of law and issues such as:

Civil law

Drafting and reviewing bylaws.

Advising on issues as per the entity's structure and internal management.

Dealing with inheritance and legacy proceedings in favor of the entity.

Advice and preparation of voluntary agreements.

Advice and support drafting collaboration agreements or contracts established with other institutions.

Advice and support with regard to non-profit entities’ creation.

Tax law

Clarifying general and specific issues as per the taxation applicable to the entity.

Advising in terms of legacy management and preparing documentation that entitles the entity to properly deal with the contributions received.

Advising and supporting procedures related to tax management.

Labor law

Assistance and drafting of paid staff contracts.

Assistance on the need for the entity to benefit from the State Collective Agreement of Action and Social Intervention.

Administrative law

Advice and support in procedures involving the Declaration of Public Utility's application.

Advice and support regarding to appeals derived from public subsidies' requests.

Advice and support concerning drafting and reviewing contracts with the State.

Criminal law

Advice and support in order to comply with the Transparency and Money Laundering act.

Commercial law

Advice, preparation of documentation and providing training on data protection.

Advice and support to protect the entity's identity.

Advice and support in legal matters related to the services provided by the entity.

Real Estate law

Advice and support for reviewing and drafting of clauses as per lease agreements, purchase agreements, etc.