Clearinghouse program

We indentify the legal needs of non-profit organizations and transform them into pro bono matters.

We screen, organize, distribute and assign the pro bono matters to the most appropriate legal professionals.

Every step is tracked until it is closed, after which we perform a diagnosis report.

Case management procedure

Step 1: Contact between a non-profit organization and the Fundación

A non-profit organization contacts the Fundación

Registration on the Intranet

Analysis of the application by the Fundación team

Acceptance of the pro bono case by the Fundación

Step 2: Distribution and assignment of the case to the members

Sending of the newsletter with pro bono cases among the members

Assignment of the pro bono case to one member

Introduction non-profit entity / member through the Fundación

Step 3: Follow-up of the pro bono case

Follow-up of the pro bono case through the Fundación

The member completes the legal assessment

Management of pending questions from the non-profit organization

Step 4: Closure of the case and report

Closing of the case by the Fundación

Registration of information on the Intranet

Discussion of the closing between the Fundación, the non-profit entity and the member

Communication of the closing of pro bono case