Different legal entities (law firms, private lawyers, universities, companies etc.) may participate in the Fundación as members, provided that their involvement in the Fundación is aimed at achieving the foundational goal and they adopt certain commitments, among others:

To contribute to the foundational purpose in the cases and terms foreseen in the statutes and in accordance with the internal regulations of the Fundación.

To collaborate and promote the work and pro bono activities of the Fundación.

To respect and abide by the by-laws and internal standards, guidelines or codes.

To exercise their rights in good faith, within the legal and statutory framework, and in consideration of the general interest purpose of the Fundación.

To keep secret those matters and data obtained result from their pro bono activity.

The members of the Fundación contribute with their experience and resources to the dissemination and promotion of the pro bono practice, thus multiplying the social impact and positively reinforcing the image of the legal profession.